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Our experienced Colorado Springs Disability attorneys work hard to help our clients achieve financial stability through the administrative process. If you’re filing for Social Security Disability, we can help you file your claim and navigate these complex areas of administrative law. The sole focus of our disability attorneys is to provide the best possible representation in these areas of the law. We have been advocating for our clients for decades and take pride in the exceptional work we provide to those in the Greater Colorado Springs area. Contact our Social Security Disability attorneys for a free consultation.

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Social Security Disability Lawyers

The Social Security Disability program provides financial assistance to people who are disabled and can no longer work on a full-time basis. Filing for Social Security Disability benefits is complex and highly regulated. Our local Colorado Springs disability attorneys have extensive experience handling SSI and SSDI claims. The Law Office of Diane K. Bross handles all aspects of the disability process, including initial disability applications, hearings before an Administrative Law Judge, and appeals to the Appeals Council and the United States District Court.


  • Diane Bross works diligently on your case...I would recommend her to anyone.

    E. Caldwell
  • A special thanks to Diane Bross and her staff because without them I would not have my benefits. Because of them, I have regained my financial life. It's back in order. No where to go but up. So, thank you very much.

    Mr. Winston
  • I would advise anyone trying to get disability benefits to call Diane Bross. I was so pleased with how things went.

  • From start to finish, Diane was cool, calm and collected. She helped make the whole process seamless. She's a true professional and an awesome person to work with. Thanks so much Diane, you're truly one of the best.

  • When I first talked to Diane on the phone I was not even sure I was qualified for disability but she was very friendly and convinced me I had a strong case. So I applied with confidence and was approved. Thank you Diane.

  • Diane did a wonderful job! I rate her 5 stars!

  • You were amazing in the court room and I was both set at ease and very impressed with how you handled and took control of the room.

    T. Ditmore
  • Diane is such a great lawyer. I myself have referred her a few times. I had been waiting 2 years before I got Diane as my lawyer and she got my SSI in about 6 months. So awesome!

  • Diane, I really appreciate all of the help you provided for me with my disability case.

    O. Espinoza
  • After all of the time I waited and tried working through the system, Diane Bross managed to get me my disability insurance payments that I was needing. Thank you!


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