The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Made When Filing for Bankruptcy

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The following mistakes are common but easily avoidable with the right advice:

  1. Paying back a friend or relative prior to filing
  2. Buying a financed vehicle just before filing
  3. Withdrawing retirement funds prior to filing
  4. Removing cash from a bank account prior to filing
  5. Paying back unsecured creditors 90 days prior to filing
  6. Filing before tax refunds are received and spent
  7. Not knowing the appropriate exemptions
  8. Filing under the wrong Chapter
  9. Failing to list all creditors
  10. Not consulting an experienced bankruptcy attorney

Filing for bankruptcy without a bankruptcy attorney is costly. Mistakes are easy to make for those unfamiliar with the regulations. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney not only provides peace of mind but can also protect your assets and save you money in the long run.

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