What Does a Bankruptcy Attorney Do?

 In Bankruptcy

Without a cape and a wand, bankruptcy attorneys magically set people free from their debt, from their lenders, and from a life of servitude into a life of financial stability where they can focus on their true purpose rather than their financial burdens. Okay, that is a bit dramatic, but it makes me feel good.

A bankruptcy filing can save a home from foreclosure, stop garnishments, stop harassing phone calls and eliminate debt. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will ask you a few questions about your financial situation to find out if a bankruptcy filing is going to be helpful for you.  If the bankruptcy lawyer takes your claim, he or she will give you forms to complete and ask you to collect documents related to your finances. The bankruptcy attorney will then prepare your petition and review it with you to make sure it is accurate before filing it with the court. The bankruptcy attorney will attend your trustee meeting with you and respond to objections from creditors. Most importantly, the bankruptcy lawyer can advise you about what you can and cannot do before, during, and after filing for bankruptcy. Do not hesitate to call your local bankruptcy attorney to find out how his or her superhero powers can help you.

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