In Social Security Disability

A social security attorney can help you determine whether you have a viable disability claim before you even file your application. No one wants to waste years applying for disability benefits without a chance in the first place.

If the social security attorney takes your claim, he or she can help you through the application process by filing your application and staying in touch with the Social Security Administration to help them process your disability claim.

If denied at any stage of the process, the social security attorney will help you properly and timely complete the appeal paperwork. There are many levels of appeal possible. In fact, a disability claim can go all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

If a hearing is necessary, the social security attorney can prepare you for the disability hearing and attend the hearing with you. He or she will ask you relevant and supportive questions that will bolster your claim. Along the way, the social security attorney may help you get opinion statements from your treating sources, update medical records for your claim, write arguments on your behalf, and advocate for you.

If you are thinking of applying for disability benefits contact us so we can discuss your case.