• Diane Bross works diligently on your case...I would recommend her to anyone.

    E. Caldwell
  • A special thanks to Diane Bross and her staff because without them I would not have my benefits. Because of them, I have regained my financial life. It's back in order. No where to go but up. So, thank you very much.

    Mr. Winston
  • I would advise anyone trying to get disability benefits to call Diane Bross. I was so pleased with how things went.

  • From start to finish, Diane was cool, calm and collected. She helped make the whole process seamless. She's a true professional and an awesome person to work with. Thanks so much Diane, you're truly one of the best.

  • When I first talked to Diane on the phone I was not even sure I was qualified for disability but she was very friendly and convinced me I had a strong case. So I applied with confidence and was approved. Thank you Diane.

  • Diane did a wonderful job! I rate her 5 stars!

  • You were amazing in the court room and I was both set at ease and very impressed with how you handled and took control of the room.

    T. Ditmore
  • Diane is such a great lawyer. I myself have referred her a few times. I had been waiting 2 years before I got Diane as my lawyer and she got my SSI in about 6 months. So awesome!

  • Diane, I really appreciate all of the help you provided for me with my disability case.

    O. Espinoza
  • After all of the time I waited and tried working through the system, Diane Bross managed to get me my disability insurance payments that I was needing. Thank you!

  • You're the best!

  • I couldn't have been more pleased. I filed my claim and forgot about it, thinking it was going to be a year or so before I heard anything. Within two months I received my first check from SSD. Thank you Diane.

    Bob B.
  • Diane helped make the whole process go smoothly. She was very professional, but still always for the time for us. I would definitely recommend her to anyone without any reservation!

    Mr. and Mrs. Sandella

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